France and United Kingdom advance to World Cup Finals at BlizzCon

By On September 23, 2018

France and United Kingdom advance to World Cup Finals at BlizzCon

Team France and Team United Kingdom will advance to the Overwatch World Cup Finals at BlizzCon.

Coming into day two, Team Italy was the only team who could potentially stop Team France or Team United Kingdom from advancing. Sadly though, with their 3-1 loss to Germany today, they have fallen out of contention.

Seeding is still to be decided, with first and second place of the group to be decided later today after the last match of the stage between Team France and Team United Kingdom at 10:00AM Pacific or 7:00PM Central European Standard Time.

Team France have looked dominant all weekend. TheyĆ¢€™ve looked great as a team and have also had some fantastic individual performances.

Team United Kingdom also looked strong in all their games. Main tank ChrisTFer has been a standout, while the team as a whole have had some great coordinated plays.

The United Kingd om and France will join the six other teams who qualified for BlizzCon at the other group stages: South Korea and Finland at Incheon, USA and Canada at Los Angeles, and China and Australia from Bangkok.

The World Cup Finals will be held at BlizzCon in Anaheim between November 2nd through 3rd. The draw to select which countries will face up against each other in the first round of games will be drawn at the end of todayĆ¢€™s matches in Paris. No two first seed or second seed teams can play each other, and no teams from the same Group Stage can play each other. For example, Team Finland cannot have their first match against Team South Korea, but Team Canada can.

Featured image provided by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.

Source: Google News United Kingdom | Netizen 24 United Kingdom

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