Netizen 24 GBR: 'I want it to end': Holidaymakers say British dad fell to his death after jumping over Dalaman Airport balcony

By On May 30, 2018

'I want it to end': Holidaymakers say British dad fell to his death after jumping over Dalaman Airport balcony

A British dad who died at an airport in Turkey plunged about 50ft to his death after jumping over a ledge inside the terminal, say traumatised witnesses.

UK tourists have told of their horror after watching the man fall to his death at Dalaman Airport as they prepared to fly home following beach holidays.

A holidaymaker said the dying man, named by family as Andrew Westlake, 30, from the Annfield Plain area of Co Durham, told a Thomas Cook Airlines worker, who rushed to his aid, that "he just wanted it to end".

Andrew had reportedly been stranded as he waited three days for a flight home after losing his ticket, and had allegedly been removed from a Jet2 plane shortly before the incident.

It is understood he had been on holiday in south-western Turkey with his partner and one-year-old daughter, but was alone as he tried to travel home from Dalaman.

Mr Westlake had gone to Turkey with his partner and young daughter for a holiday

Multiple witnesses told Mirror Online that initial Turkish media reports - that Andrew died after falling from a plane's exit onto the tarmac - were not true.

A 29-year-old woman from Watford, who was flying back to the UK with her 34-year-old partner and their three children, aged two, four and six, said the incident happened inside the terminal around 3.30am local time on Tuesday.

The family were among dozens of Britons queuing to check in for flights to Stansted Airport in Essex and Birmingham when they heard a loud noise as the man apparently ran and crashed into a glass barrier of a balcony.

The woman, who was preparing for a delayed Thomas Cook Airlines flight to Stansted, said they turned around and saw the man on the floor near the barrier just behind them.

< figcaption>Turkish media published a passport photo of Mr Westlake

She added: "My partner said 'Are you OK' and tried to give him a hand, but he didn't speak. My partner watched him stand back up and he backed away from the barrier and then just ran for it and hopped over straight down onto the floor below.

"Initially, I think he tried to do it before but he hit the glass barrier - the noise that we heard - and fell, and then tried again.

"When my partner helped him up he looked so sad and lost. The image that my partner still has in his head is the man looking so desperate."

She called out to him and alerted airline staff as he lay on the floor about 50ft below and people rushed to help him.

The woman also called out to airport staff, but it appeared they didn't understand English, she added.

She said of the Brit who fell: "He was looking up at me and ... he was talking but I c ouldn't hear what he was saying. He was too far down to hear anything.

"Everyone was in shock."

The tragedy happened at Dalaman Airport in Turkey on Tuesday morning

She said the man had his passport but he was not carrying any luggage.

A doctor eventually arrived to help the man and paramedics later took him away in an ambulance, she added.

An image posted online and verified by witnesses shows the moment Andrew went over the glass barrier.

A 23-year-old woman from Hertfordshire told Mirror Online that her 24-year-old boyfriend was one of the first to reach the Brit after he plunged from a ledge inside the terminal.

The woman, who was also preparing for the flight to Stansted, said: "Everybody was queued up and just behind us was a ledge, with a glass wall, going down to the floor.

"He jumped over the ledge.

"My partner went down there with someone el se to see if he was OK.

Mr Westlake was taken to hospital, where he died of his injuries, according to reports

"He was still conscious when they got down there, he was still moving and he was responding to them, but he was a bit out of it."

The woman said a Thomas Cook Airlines worker appeared to be the first person to reach Andrew as he lay on the floor.

The woman added: "When we spoke to the airline representative who went down there, she said that he was saying to her that he just wanted it to end.

"She didn't know what he meant by it."

She added: "It was very traumatising for everyone that was there, especially my partner.

"Everyone was so in shock. The airline worker was great, she was down there super quick.

"The airport security, all of them were just standing there. No one else responded to it quickly."

Mr Westlake was from Co Durham

After falling from the ledge, Andrew was treated at the scene and rushed to a private hospital, where he died of his injuries, it was said.

Turkish media reported that he had lost his ticket and spent three days at the airport waiting for a flight back to the UK.

When he was finally due to fly home, he was removed from a plane over "flight safety concerns" and prevented from travelling, the reports added.

Andrew had boarded the flight around 3am but was ordered off the plane after he got into an argument with cabin crew, according to reports.

Witnesses said his unkempt appearance suggested he may have been at the airport for some time.

The holidaymaker from Hertfordshire added: "He didn't look in the best of ways. His clothes were quite dirty."

The woman from Watford added: "He was dirty. There was another lady there that said he had lost his ticket and was trying to get home.

"She said he walked past her and ... he might have been sleeping rough."

The incident was witnessed by dozens of Britons at Dalaman Airport

Andrew's Facebook page stated that he was from Stanley in Co Durham and had previously worked as a roofer and at Clayton Glass, in Annfield Plain.

The tourists said they decided to speak out about the incident because they want to correct the initial media reports, and they want the man's family and friends in the UK to know what happened before his death.

The holidaymaker from Watford spoke to Mirror Online after taking her partner to see a doctor because he was left traumatised by what he witnessed.

She added: "He hasn't slept. He's been sick constantly and he can't even eat anything.

"The doctor has given him some sleeping tablets and told him not to go into work."

The woma n said they had to carefully explain the incident to their three young children - who also witnessed it - and shield them from the horrific details.

Reports claimed Andrew had been removed from a Jet2 plane shortly before he fell to his death, but the Leeds-based holiday firm declined to provide details about whether he was prevented from travelling.

A Jet2 spokeswoman said: “We understand that a customer sadly passed away on Tuesday morning, following an incident inside the terminal building at Dalaman Airport.

"Contrary to some reports, we can confirm that the customer was not injured on our aircraft or in the vicinity of our aircraft.

"As investigations are ongoing it would be inappropriate for us to comment any further, however we would like to extend our sincere condolences to the customer’s family and friends at this very sad time.”

Turkish police are investigating the incident.

The Foreign Office has said it is support ing the man's family and it has been in contact with local authorities.

Samaritans (116 123) operates a 24-hour service available every day of the year. If you prefer to write down how you’re feeling, or if you’re worried about being overheard on the phone, you can email Samaritans at .

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