Netizen 24 GBR: Manchester United vs Sevilla, Champions League: live score updates

By On March 13, 2018

Manchester United vs Sevilla, Champions League: live score updates

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Sevilla wasteful in front of goal

A lot of underestimation of Sevilla going on

The BT Sport pundits really don't seem to rate Sevilla. They kept United entirely quiet over two legs and should have won the first, but for De Gea's magical save they would have. In the second, they were patient, waiting for United to come out of their shell... and then punished them once the space was open. A lot of people seem a little Premier League focused - it's not the only league in the world.

Dreadful result

Paul Scholes

"I think that's the way the manager likes t o play. It's very difficult watching that. There's no desire, no speed no energy abotu the team. I can't explain it. It'll be interesting to see what the manager had said. The modern game teams go to places and try to score goals.

Steven Gerrard

"I don't think you can say that about Mourinho, he's more than capable at his level he's a world class manager. I don't think this players have turned up tonight, his big players were poor, Sanchez was poor, Rashford was poor. If you want to get through you need your big players to turn up and none of them were good enough tonight.

"United showed them far too much respect."

Rio Ferdinand

"Top teams don't pick and choose when they play."


Sevilla deservedly go through to the quarter finals! That's a massive result and one entirely of Man Utd's own making. They approached this far negatively, never got into the game and will look back at this one with embarrassment.

90 mins +4

United are beaten. All over the place, they've left it too late, most of the crowd has already left. Mourinho's going to struggle to spin this one.

90 mins +2

WHAT A MISS! HOW HAS HE MISSED? Ben Yedder is completely through on goal. One on one. The defending is worse than abysmal - Mata is the last man!!!! Yedder gets one on one with De Gea, takes his time, then shoots directly at De Gea's foot. That should be game over. It already is really though.

90 mins +1

Imagine if United had tried to attack a t any point during the first leg? It looks very much like they'd have at least scored once.

Pogba puts a pass straight out for a throw. That's embarrassing.

89 mins

sevilla score

Correa is replaced now. He takes his time to leave the pitch, Mourinho has a word with the fourth official.

88 mins

Correa slides into a poor challenge on Bailly from behind and then lies on his back for a while. Correa is booked and hobbles away because he's very injured from hacking Bailly. From behind.

87 mins

United are on all out attack. Rashford gets a lot of power on a header but is too far from goal to challenge the goalkeeper. It's nice of Man Utd to turn up for the final 10 minutes.


Or is it all over?! Lukaku smashes in from a corner. United fans busy leaving the ground turn back to watch on. What a finish we'll have now!

83 mins

82 mins

Those Man Utd substitutions. I cannot believe Moutinho has left Sanchez on. He's done absolutely nothing. Mata and Martial came on for Lingard and Valencia and they've looked worse off for it.

Or do they?! Sanchez spreads the play out to the right, Mata puts the ball low to the nea r post for Lukaku and he shoots over from six yards!

80 mins

SMAALLLLING! He has to score! He has to score there! The ball comes over from the left, it's headed on and Smalling is at the back post in space and slides in. He puts the ball wide of the goal, never threatening the goalkeeper.


OH WOW! Sevilla have a second! United have left this far too late, not approached the game with anywhere near the drive and focus needed and are, I'd say, deservedly behind. The fans are not happy.

77 mins

Mourinho reacts! On comes Martial.


He' ;s made an instant impact! Man Utd aren't awake to the danger, one well taken touch to set himself up and Ben Yedder has fired Sevilla into the lead! United need two goals now!

73 mins

Pogba tries a shot from 30 something yards on his left foot and it's actually pretty close! Rico gets across to save it but let's it go.

Muriel off, Ben Yedder on.

71 mins

Rashford gets a kick to the back of his leg and goes down.

Oh and look, here comes Ben Yedder. Vincenzo Montella is obviously reading this liveblog. Everyone wave at Montella. Do it now!

68 mins

Rashford skips past Mercado without even really trying and is then brought down on the edge of the box. It's wide left of the g oal and might be a crossing situation but Rashford is lining up.

He bends it high and wide of the far post.

66 mins

Bailly is in the right place to clear a low cross into the box. Sevilla are great at their buildup play and get in attacking positions hang on a minute Pogba has almost given the ball away by his own box and he's gotten away with it again. Anyway, sorry, where was I. Oh - Pogba's given it away again at half way.

My point was that Sevilla get into the final third really well but then have absolutely no idea what to do with the ball. Ben Yedder's on the ball and if I recall FIFA 17 well, he's pretty good.

65 mins

Rashford runs against Sevilla

Rashford has moved over to the left, Sanchez has gone to the right.

63 mins

Lukaku runs onto a chipped ball over the top and wins a corner with a smashed volley off the defender. Rashford takes the corner as an inswinger but it's headed away at the near post.

61 mins

Sooner or later Sevilla are going to get another one of these on target.

60 mins

Sanchez moves inside the pitch again, tries to dictate where the ball should go and then doesn't read a pass, which has to be played with pace because Sanchez is standing right next to a midfielder. He's in the wrong positi on, disrupting United's width and losing the ball.


Pogba is on for Fellaini, which sounds about right. A different sort of player. Fellaini was getting into some decent positions too.

58 mins

Sanchez brings the ball up the pitch, doesn't play the through-ball to Lukaku that he wants, keeps going and finds Rashford to his right. Rashford steps over the ball, moves into the box and he could go down here! He's been caught! He stays on his feet and lays it to Sanchez, who toe pokes at goal and hits the defenders.

Sevilla counter quickly and are in a decent position here! The ball comes across from wide AND OH MY WORD that is incredible close to finding its way into the bottom corner. Confusion in the defence!

Here comes Pogba.

56 mins

That's much better from Sanche z! He uses his close control and speed to get away from a midfielder, moves inside and finds Rashford with a pass out to the wing. Rashford looks up, sees Lukaku and tries to bend the ball ahead of him but instead puts it out for a goal kick.

United come forward after another probing Sevilla counter-attack and Young plays a clever pass inside the full-back and centre-back for Lukaku. He crosses straight into the goalkeeper's hands.

54 mins

Lukaku tries to make something happen, nearly gives the ball away in a dangerous situation but recovers and bursts away from three midfielders. He crosses into the near post, Lingard controls and sets himself up! Another touch... he's too wide now! Lingard shoots and the goalkeeper gets a hand to it.

Rashford takes over, drives to the byline and smashes the ball across the box. Nobody reads it - Lukaku drops deeper to look for a cut back. Man Utd poachers are supposed to go on the hunt for the Rashford cross!

51 mins

Sanchez takes the ball to feet and turns inside. He's supposed to be the left winger, Young is trapped by the halfway line and can't overlap... and that means United have no width that side. Sanchez wins a free-kick about 30 yards out.

Pogba has started warming up. He's exactly what this game needs.

49 mins

WHAT A TACKLE! ROOOOAAAAAARRRRR! Correa has space in the middle of the United box, turns Rashford (why is he defending?!) and is about to shoot from inside 18 yards and Bailly flies in with a perfectly timed challenge. Brilliant recovery but United's defending was exposed too easily - that's what happens when you go on the attack at the other end! Is what Mourinho might say.

< time datetime="2018-03-13T20:49:13.657Z">8:49PM

48 mins

Lukaku wins a high ball, flicks it on and Lingard's touch lets him down a little. United seem to have stepped it up. They're pressing in the Sevilla half and everything.


We're back!

What should United do?

I agree with the pundits. I'd take Sanchez off and stick McTominay or Mata on to act as a bridge between Matic and the attack, move the defensive line about 15/20 yards higher up the pitch and move Rashford to the left so he can run down that wing, or possibly Lingard out there. With those two nailing it down the wings and Lukaku looking for direct passes over the Sevilla midfield (look how much of the ball those central midfielders are having!) Fellaini can do some damage. I just don't get why Sanchez keeps being given game time - he's been dreadful in every game he's played so far, giving away the ball far too often and not doing the defensive work he needs to.

The most common excuse I've heard for him is that he was out of form at Arsenal so you can't suddenly turn it on. I'm not sure I buy that. He's doing too much, with no thought behind it like a wasp charging at the same window over and again.

Paul Scholes seems sad

united shot

For a change, Paul Scholes sounds all down and old manish about Man Utd.

On Sanchez:

"You can say it's good the manager is g iving him chances but he must be coming to the end of his tether with him now.

"They've got quick players in the team, use them! Smash the ball up to Lukaku and run off him!"

Rio Ferdinand is similarly unimpressed.

"It's so slow and conservative and cautious."

Steven Gerrard:

"I don't think Sevilla are even any good!"


Dear god please don't give us more of that. Subdued, timid, fearful... this can only get better in the second half. I hope. Please.

"Here's the highlight at half time - the players walking off," says Gary Lineker.

45 mins

Fellaini is getting into better attacking positions than Lukaku at the moment. He's meant to be a holding midfielder! Rashford comes across to take a corner, it's headed away well in the six yard box and United go backwards. Fellaini must have been moved forward here because now he's the target of long balls too.

Sevilla win the ball back but Muriel's forward pass is nowhere near good enough and Valencia can easily clear.

"Possession without punch" is how Ian Darke has described Sevilla and he's dead right.

Nzonzi tries a shot that is about 20 miles over the bar.

42 mins

It's getting a little feisty now! At last! United attack, Fellaini goes in hard to win the ball and leaves a Sevilla player down. He considers whether to be injured for a second or two but sees play has continued and gets up. Young crosses into the head of a defender, Lingard swings at dropped ball and swipes the defender in the shins, Valencia clashes boots with another defender and gives him a shov e because he's annoyed about it.

The referee had already given a free-kick for the Lingard bit.

40 mins

sevilla vs man utd
Credit: AFP

39 mins

Great save Rico! Sanchez hits a terrible pass way too hard straight at Lukaku, who unsurprisingly can't control it. United keep the pressure up though and Fellaini is played in down the left! He's in the box! Only the goalkeeper to beat... and he smashes it at goal! Saved!

37 mins

Sanchez chests the ball down on the left, cuts onto his right and then hits a... I'm honestly not sure what that is. A cross maybe? Possibly a lame effort at a shot? He's been awful for Man Utd since joining. Pogba gets slagged off to high heaven after a single mistake - Sanchez has been nowhere near good enough and seems to be avoiding the criticism.

35 mins

Urgh. Sevilla are wasting a lot of chances here. And United are slow to react and close down the opposition. The crowd are restless and quiet, there's no real energy in the match...

32 mins

Rashford is the most likely to make something happen here. He drops deeper, surges past one defender with his pace and then some lovely control to tap the ball onto one foot and take it forward with the other. The crowd loves it when he runs at people but don't seem to enjoy Sanchez's aimless chipped balls into the box and sloppy passing.

United are making the pitch big now. Sevilla have dropped behind the half way line as a result of the United defensive line pushing higher up too.

30 mins

Sanchez gives the ball away while looking for Lingard but at least the crowd wakes up a bit since United are in the Sevilla half. Fellaini fouls Correa in the final third and they go quiet again.

28 mins

Muriel goes close again!

United look woefully uninspired here.

26 mins

Sanchez looks up and crosses into the area, winning a corner. Rashford comes across to take it as an outswinger from the right. Nzonzi heads away at the near post and then there's an offside.

23 mins

Sanchez tracks back, cuts out a poor pass and sends a pretty shoddy one forward to Lukaku, who does really well to control it. Lukaku then spreads play out wide to Rashford who turns the volume up in the stands with some stepovers... and then a cross that doesn't really do anything.

United are sitting really deep but want to attack with a forward four. It looks pretty disjointed so far.

20 mins

Fellaini almost plays his way into trouble but is able to pass back to De Gea. Old Trafford is reeeeeeally quiet. United being forced to pass around their own half near their own box. This isn't the most exciting game I've ever seen Manchester United play and the crowd seem to agree.

17 mins

Sevilla have a lot of space to move in to in the United half and have already had five shots at goal.

None have really threatened but United's tempo has dropped from the first five minutes already!

"They haven't got going!" says Steve McManaman. "They look very easy to play against."

15 mins

Lingard vs Sevilla

14 mins

Muriel is in! Bailly passes straight to the Sevilla midfield! Correa spins and plays in Muriel and he tries to bend it into the top corner but leans back and skies it. United started with real energy but are now about as cool an d calm as the crowd. It's a little quiet in Old Trafford.

12 mins

Sevilla have come into this now. They have the ball in the United box again but Bailly blocks a shot. Vasquez is blocked by Smalling, United pass from the back s l o w l y.

10 mins

Sevilla win a corner as Vasquez knocks the ball off Valencia. It'll just take one goal to make this incredibly difficult for United... and that's close! Correa attacks at the near post and flicks a header at goal! That's a good effort and he's unlucky to put it over the bar.

A warning shot!

7 mins

Lingard has the ball on the left, cuts back onto his right and is so close to finding Lukaku at the near post! Banega catches Sanchez with a "naughty challe nge" (McManaman's words, not mine) and is booked. If Sevilla get through this game he misses the next one now.

Rashford stands over the set piece. It's a fair distance out... and he shoots! Hits the wall... and the goalkeeper has to dive to palm it away.

5 mins

United are right up for this. Rashford has started on the right wing, Sanchez the left and Rashford gets forward into the Sevilla box and has a shot blocked. It's a high tempo start from Mourinho's side.

2 mins

United have started well! A direct ball forward to Lukaku, who wins the chase and is aggressive with his pressure on Kjaer. He passes inside, the ball comes back and he has the chance to shoot from 20 yards on his right foot! Over the bar.

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