Netizen 24 GBR: Jim Bowen, Bullseye host and comedian, dies aged 80

By On March 14, 2018

Jim Bowen, Bullseye host and comedian, dies aged 80

UK news Jim Bowen, Bullseye host and comedian, dies aged 80

Famous for ‘super, smashing, great’ catchphrase, he became a household name on the darts gameshow

Jim Bowen
Jim Bowen was a standup comedian on the northern circuit before hitting the big time on Bullseye. Photograph: ITV/Rex Features

Jim Bowen, the comedian and broadcaster best known for hosting the darts-based gameshow Bullseye, has died at the age of 80.

Bowen, a former teacher whose entry into showbusiness came via standup comedy, became a household name when he began presenting the ITV show in 1981.

A number of strokes â€" in 201 1 and in 2014 â€" left him struggling to walk and talk for some time but did not affect his trademark sense of humour.

“I’m very well and I’m expecting to make it! Between your ears you feel 35 but when it gets to your legs and arms your body doesn’t know,” he told the Daily Mirror last year.

Bowen’s death was confirmed by his agent.

Originally from Lancashire, he was formerly a PE teacher and then deputy headmaster and was involved with his local dramatic society. He worked as a standup comedian on the northern club circuit before Granada TV provided him with an opening to appear on television.

He left teaching to embark on a new career in broadcasting, which led to him presenting Bullseye for 14 years until 1995.

The show attracted 20 million viewers in its heyday. Among Bowen’s famous catchphrases were “keep out of the black and into the red, nothing in this game for two in a bed”, referring to the segm ents of a dartboard, and “super, smashing, great”.

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