Netizen 24 GBR: Taxi rapist John Worboys set for life of luxury in £300k flat on doorstep of alleged victims after jail release

By On January 13, 2018

Taxi rapist John Worboys set for life of luxury in £300k flat on doorstep of alleged victims after jail release

Black cab rapist John Worboys is set to live a life of luxury in a seaside hideaway â€" on the doorstep of four of his alleged victims.

We can reveal he owns a £300,000-plus flat, where he previously starred in amateur porn films with a friend.

The tenants, a man with a teenage daughter, fled Park Pine Mansions in Poole, Dorset, last week after discovering the sex predator owned the apartment.

It paves the way for the return of creepy Worboys, whose parole terms could ban him from living in London â€" where he is suspected of drugging and sexually abusing more than 200 victims.

He is also feared to have targeted at least four women while working as a cabbie in Bournemouth, down the road from Poole.

Worboys was deemed eligible for parole after just eight years in prison

Tonight one neighbour told us: “We’re all terrified he may return when he’s released.”

The Sunday Mirror can also reveal:

  • As well as owning the Poole flat, Worboys pocketed at least £160,000 from selling property just months after being locked up in Wakefield Prison in 2009.
  • But not everything went his way â€" as paperwork obtained by us indicates his stepmum Joyce Worboys cut him out of her £518,000 will within weeks of him being caged.
  • Solicitors acting for Worboys’ alleged victims are demanding prosecutors ­reassess new statements from 19 women, out of 105 who contacted police. The files were never handed to the Crown Prosecution Service.

The move is part of a new bid to bring fresh charges against the 60-year-old.

The fact Worboys has such wealth â€" and a flat waiting for him â€" will dismay his victims after some were handed paltry compensation.

One source said today: “While his victims hav e had to live with the horror of his actions, this monster is sitting on a fortune.

“It’s disgusting that after conning the justice system into letting him walk he is able to cling on to so many of his assets.

The creepy cabbie worked as a stripper and porn actor

“People will believe Worboys is going to be released and will live in a hovel.

“That’s not the case at all. The reality is he’s a wealthy man who will live in the lap of luxury â€" just miles from his alleged victims. Many of them are terrified at the fact he is set to return.”

Worboys reportedly owned a number of properties across London and had more than £80,000 in two bank accounts when jailed.

We can disclose how, from his cell, Worboys sold a property in Rotherhithe, South East London, and another in Enfield, North London, months after being caged.

But he kept hold of a two-bedroom flat he bought in June 2006 for £ 185,000 .

After his arrest in 2008 Scotland Yard detectives drafted in colleagues from a neighbouring force when it emerged he had links to Dorset. As well as owning the Poole flat, he was known to have worked as a cabbie in Bournemouth.

It sparked a fresh appeal for victims to come forward and four women contacted police with allegations of rape, sexual assault and kerb crawling.

Residents of Pine Park Mansion are terrified Worboys will return

A legal source who knew at least two alleged victims of the rapist said: “At the time, the same black cabs operated around the area so Worboys went under the radar in his cab.

"At least two victims came forward to say they had been attacked within a matter of miles from his flat. There may have been countless others.

“He used the exact same modus ­operandi, variations on the same theme.

“He told them he was celebrating some sort of lottery w in, or had been left some cash in a will, before drugging them with a drink and raping them.

“He targeted good-looking, high-flying, successful women who otherwise would not have looked twice at him.

“Those still living in Poole will be terrified to think he could potentially return to the area where they were attacked.”

Homes in the secluded Park Pine Mansions â€" where Worboys set up a studio for seedy amateur porn films â€" now sell for well in excess of £300,000. Properties in the seven-storey block on a tree-lined street boast a “communal entrance with entry phone and communal gardens and garage”.

Among the cars parked outside the lavish property when visited by the Sunday Mirror was a £45,000 Lexus 4x4.

The block of flats has been described as being "just miles from his alleged victims"

For more than five years a young female tenant lived in Worboys’ flat â€" unaware it b elonged to one of the UK’s most notorious sex attackers.

She said: “I had no idea he owned it. The neighbours told me and I was ­horrified. I rang the management company and I complained â€" I was furious I was surrounded by all this ­furniture that had appeared in his porn films.”

The flat’s current tenants fled last week after discovering the truth.

One elderly neighbour said: “I told the tenant who his landlord was. The next thing I knew he had moved out.

“He had a teenage daughter and my husband saw him a couple of days ago. He said he didn’t want to stay there.

“I never saw Worboys but he still owns the flat. Detectives knocked on our door at the time but we knew nothing.”

In 2014 two victims of the cabbie won compensation totalling £41,250 after a judge found serious failings in the ­investigation by the Met Police.

Worboys â€" who had sacked his ­solicitors and was representing himself â€" refused to acc ept responsibility for his crimes and denied liability.

He handed over a pot of cash for his victims â€" amounting to little more than £15,000 each.

Worboys raked in cash working four jobs as a milkman, stripper, taxi driver and security guard, all while renting out properties in Harpenden and Enfield.

Homes in the secluded block of flats now sell for well in excess of £300,000

In 2009, son-in-law Stephen Marriott claimed Worboys had two bank accounts with at least £40,000 in each.

But the sex fiend was snubbed by his stepmum Joyce, who wrote him out of her will after he was jailed in April 2009.

A source said: “Joyce couldn’t live with what Worboys had done. She was ­horrified by his heinous crimes.”

Last week the Sunday Mirror printed exclusive footage of Worboys working as a stripper. Wearing just a thong he sank his teeth into a bride’s bottom at a wedding party.

And we t old how Worboys’ ex-girlfriend, Jan Reynolds, said she would go to police to put him back in jail after claiming she was drugged and raped by the ex-stripper.

Worboys is set for early release from a life sentence imposed at Croydon Crown Court. He is being paroled after serving almost 10 years on one count of rape, five counts of sexual assault, one attempted assault and 12 drugging charges.

But solicitors acting for scores of alleged victims have urged the Crown Prosecution Service to re-assess evidence in 93 cases which were never prosecuted.

And Richard Scorer, from solicitors Slater Gordon, called on Scotland Yard to hand statements from 19 women whose testaments were never handed to the CPS.

Mr Scorer has begged prosecutors to consider bringing fresh charges that would keep Worboys in jail.

He said: “Worboys is extremely ­manipulative and deceitful. I find it astonishing that he is now this reformed character who people can trust.”

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