Netizen 24 GBR: 'Danger to life' warning as Storm Caroline brings 90mph gales: How the big winds will hit where you live

By On December 06, 2017

'Danger to life' warning as Storm Caroline brings 90mph gales: How the big winds will hit where you live

Gusts of up to 90mph could hit the country with the arrival of Storm Caroline, sparking warnings from forecasters they could cause a potential danger to life.

The Met Office has raised the level of its weather warning from yellow to amber "be prepared" for northern Scotland on Thursday, warning of very windy weather.

Transport is likely to be disrupted while there may also be power cuts.

The strong wind warning is valid from 6am until 11.55pm on Thursday, with an amber warning for northern Scotland.

A yellow "be aware" warning is in force for the southern half of Scotland and parts of the north of Northern Ireland between 6am and 6pm on December 7.

Workers on the Forth Bridge putting sandbags on a sign to weigh it down as forecasters have warned that gusts of up to 90mph cou ld hit the country

The Met Office said gusts of 70mph to 80mph are expected widely in northern Scotland, with gusts of up to 90mph possible in exposed areas.

It said: "Flying debris is likely and could lead to injuries or danger to life. Some damage to buildings is possible, such as tiles blowing off roofs.

The different warnings in place in coming days

"Longer journey times and cancellations are likely as road, rail, air and ferry services may be affected. There is a good chance that power cuts may also occur.

"Large waves are expected and beach material may be thrown onto coastal roads, sea fronts and properties."

However, on Friday a rush of cold win will flow in across the UK from the Arctic, bringing down temperatures across the country and moisture - helping to develop showers and snow.

The wind warnings in place over the north of the UK

According to The Met, here is how your area will look:

North East - Northumberland/County Durham

Wind gusts of around 45 to 50 mph, with gusts rather than sustained speed.

Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge said the winds would still be strong but not as powerful as those further north close to the centre of the storm.

"It is outside the warning area because the impact won't be as great," he said.

"So expect a bit slower wind speeds but it will still be very strong winds."

In Alnwick, temperatures will range from 0C to 7C tomorrow before the maximum drops to 2C on Friday.

East, West and South Yorkshire

Wind gusts of around 33 up to 40 mph, with gusts rather than sustained speed.

Mr Madge said: "As you go further south in Britain, you will get away from the pressure of Storm Caroline and the winds will drop.

&quo t;There will be some heavy rain moving south but generally clearer."

York can expect minimums of 0C until the weekend, with maximums of 10C tomorrow and 2C on Friday.

A close-up view of the Scottish areas in the zone

Wind gusts of around 31mph, with gusts rather than sustained speed.

Nottingham is forecast to hit 0C as a minimum while the maximum will be 12C. Clouds are expected.

In Lincoln, temps will range from 12C to 1C with clouds and sunshine.

Temps will plummet on Friday with 3C listed as the maximum and the minimum at 0C.


Inland, it is going to be high 20mph for wind speeds but higher near the coast.

In Cambridge, a maximum of 12C is forecast alongside a minimum of 1C.

There is expected to be clouds and some rain.

Western England

Win d gusts in the mid 30mph range.

A snow warning on Friday This would trigger a snow warning for the western half of Britain from Scotland down to Lancashire, west of the Pennines, to Wales and even as far as the South West.

Macclesfield Forest, Cheshire (stock photo)

The Met Office says this could produce 2-5cm of snow.

In the Scottish Highlands, there could be 10 or 20cm of snow.

In Manchester, temps will range from 10C to 1C tomorrow before a yellow warning on Friday and Saturday as temps drop to minus 1C and 4C as a top.


Wind gusts of high 20mph to low 30mph depending on proximity to coast.

Chelmsford is looking at clouds and rain tomorrow with a high of 12C and low of 1C.

On Friday temps will cool to a top of 3C and low of 0C.


In London tomorrow, wind gusts of 32mph are expected.

The maximum will be 12C tomorrow with a minimum of 2C.

But temps will cool on Friday like elsewhere, with a top of 4C and low of 1C.

Storm Caroline as seen by NASA satellites in the North Atlantic Ocean yesterday

South counties such as Kent, Sussex, Hampshire

It will depend how close to the coast you are but wind gusts should be at around 36mph on average.

In Kent, places in Dover could see gusts of 50mph but inland would be looking at 30mph gusts.


Wind gusts of 30 to 31mph.

Temperatures should be warmer than further north before the temperatures drop on Friday.


In Liverpool, Wind speeds will begin to pick up on Thursday, December 7 reaching around 26mph with gusts of up to 46mph and temperatures will drop throughout the day, feeling like minus two in places.

Wintery showers are expected to start around 3pm and continue through the night, some falling as sleet, the Liverpool Echo reports.


The yellow warning for the southern half of Scotland and Northern Ireland says gusts of 60mph to 70mph are expected quite widely, with gusts of up to 80mph possible over high ground and around exposed coasts.

It warns of possible disruption to travel and some short-term loss of power and other services.

Coastal routes, seafronts and coastal communities are likely to be affected by spray or large waves.

Conditions will start to turn wet and blustery on Wednesday, especially across the north and north west of the UK, before the gales hit on Thursday.

Met Office meteorologist Marco Petagna said: "Wednesday will see the last of the mild days, with temperatures in double figures, between 10C and 12C (50F-54F).

"Overnight, the main feature will be the increase in wind as Caroline starts to com e in towards the end of the night."

Meanwhile, dozens of workers are being removed from a North Sea platform due to safety fears over weather conditions caused by Storm Caroline.

CNR International said a total of 69 of the 159 staff on Ninian South, about 240 miles from Aberdeen, would be leaving the structure as a precaution.

Snow and falling temperatures are also forecast for parts of Britain later in the week.

A yellow snow and ice warning is in place for Friday for Scotland, Northern Ireland, western England and Wales.

Source: Google News

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