Netizen 24 GBR: Watch: Motorist 'hurls abuse at paramedic over parked ambulance' in second high-profile 999 abuse case

By On November 13, 2017

Watch: Motorist 'hurls abuse at paramedic over parked ambulance' in second high-profile 999 abuse case

Hundreds of thousands of people have seen a video clip appearing to show a motorist hurling abuse at a paramedic from the North West Ambulance Service - because their ambulance is blocking the street,

In the shocking clip posted to social media , the female paramedic is called a "f***ing idiot" as she cops it from the man to the point she calls him a "f***ing idiot" in response.

The footage begins with the man yelling at the paramedic in a narrow street where an ambulance is parked, blocking the way for other motorists, while the woman appears to go inside a property which is believed to be in on Merseyside, the Mirror reports .

The man appears to say to the paramedic they should have their hazard lights on.

"How do we know?" the man says, saying he can't see blue lights from where he was driving.

"Where's his f***ng hazards?

"I can't tell from down there. Can you explain that, you f***ken idiot?"

The paramedic says: "You're a f***ken idiot!"

The man responded: "You're the f**ken idiot!"

Ami Garner, of Runcorn, Cheshire, posted the clip on Facebook urging people to share it.

"Paramedic receives barrage of abuse from angry motorist for parking ambulance in street while 'trying to save life'," she wrote.

The video had been viewed about 550,000 times as of 10pm on Sunday night.

The footage was posted after a heart attack patient died after a selfish motorist pinned a rude note on an ambulance windscreen demanding the paramedics get out the way of his drive.

The incredibly insensitive handwritten note said: "You may be saving lives, but don't park your van in a stupid place and block my drive."

The man who was being treated by paramedics - and at the time was said to be critical - has since died in hospital.

He had been rushed to Heartlands Hospital in the West Midlands after staff sounded the alarm at Livingstone House, a addiction rehabilitation centre in Birmingham.

Emergency workers were left stunned when they found the note on Friday.

The disgruntled driver banged on the side of the ambulance and demanded it be moved.

In a tweet, the West Midlands Ambulance Service said: "Just heard from one of our staff that two crews were treating a cardiac arrest patient today - the most serious case we can attend - and someone banged on the side of the ambulance asking them to move as they couldn't get their car out!

"Sorry, #patientscomefirst sad"

Responding to the ambulance service's initial tweet, Laura May said: "What's wrong with people nowadays. What if the boot was on the other foot and it was their family membe r who was ill. It makes my blood boil."

Source: Google News

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