Netizen 24 GBR: Britain's most married man wants to wed again and has revealed he's looking for a very different type of wife

By On November 13, 2017

Britain's most married man wants to wed again and has revealed he's looking for a very different type of wife

An unlucky-in-love great-grandfather, who is the most married man in Britain, has set his sights on tying the knot again after being ditched by the woman set to be his NINTH wife.

Ron Sheppard was stunned when Cristel Marquez, who is 41 years his junior, walked out on him on Friday, but now says he wants to find someone 'more mature'.

He has said that around 30 is the 'perfect age' and said he is speaking to a number of women on Facebook.

Ron, 69, thought Cristel, 28, was 'the one' until she left while he was out.

He claims the former call centre worker, who is from the Philippines, has been told by the Home Office that she must leave the country.

Ron tied the knot to first wife Margaret back in 1966, and has been periodically divorcing and remarrying since.

Ron's wife Cristel, pictured with him, walked out on him on Friday
Pictured on his third wedding day with Lesley in 1976

He now says he wants to find a bride who is around 30 - which he described as the 'perfect age'.

The retired holiday camp entertainer from Martock, Somerset, said: "She [Cristel] got a bit stroppy really.

"She was always sitting with her headphones in listening to music. To me she was a bit too young.

"The next will be a bit older. I get a lot of people who write to me on Facebook and they are all younger.

Ron with Cristel, who left him suddenly last week

"I think I will look for personality next time and a sense of humour and someone who can speak English quite well.

"Somebody that's a little more more mature for their age. The younger ones around about 30 are f ine. Around 30 is the perfect age.

"I don't know if I'll get married again. You'll have to wait and see. I haven't ruled it out but these days you don't have to get married.

Ron pictured with his fifth wife Sue, who he married in 1986

"I haven't decided. People have said if I keep going I'll end up with a football team.
I think it's a case of just wait and see."

Asked if he was single, he joked: "No comment, no comment, just wait and see."

He said: “I’m devastated by this, I did everything for that girl and she does a runner, I feel like such a mug.”

Ron revealed “cracks began to appear” in their relationship. She was still married in the Philippines, despite pledging to divorce.

Ron has been married eight times and his longest union lasted 13 years and the shortest was just 10 months.

Ron first got married i n 1966, to Margaret. The couple had three children but divorced after two years.

Wife number two was Jeanette in 1973 and the marriage lasted a year.

Ron Sheppard has been married nine times, and believes he now needs a 'more mature' bride

Ron wed Lesley in 1976 and they had two boys. He left her five years later and she died in 1996.

Then came Kathy in 1982 and the couple had a daughter.

Ron married Sue in 1986 and had two boys before she threw him out 11 years later.

Usha, from Singapore, was next to tie the knot with him in 1999, followed by Wan in 2003 and Weng a year later. They split in 2015 and divorced in March.

He met Cristel more than ten years ago, when she was 15 or 16 and part of a group of friends, while he was married to Wan - wife number seven - and living in Thailand.

Weng, 36, gave him the boot after 11 years' marriage, and he proposed to mum-of-one Crist el, who arrived at his home last November.

Ron Sheppard returned home to find Cristel was gone
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But he claims she was refused a visa to stay in the UK, walked out on him on Friday, and is due to fly home on Wednesday.

"She has blocked me on Facebook," he said. "I went out and came back and the cases were gone.

"If there was another fella that would be out of character for her. She is a shy sort of person.

"She was upset that she had to go back but then again she wanted to go back because of her son. She hadn't seen him for a year."

The eight wives of Ron Sheppard

Wife No1: Margaret in 1966. Had thr ee kids and divorced after two years.

Wife No2: Jeanette, 1973. Lasted one year.

Wife No3: Lesley, 1976. Had two boys. Ron left in 1981.

Wife No4: Kathy, 1982. Had one daughter.

Wife No5: Sue, 1986. They had two sons, but she threw him out in 1997.

Wife No6: Usha, 1999. Ended after four years.

Wife No7: Wan, 2003. She left to go home to Bangkok after eight months.

Wife No8: Weng, 2004. Split up in 2015.

Source: Google News

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