Netizen 24 GBR: Woman killed herself on holiday with boyfriend 'after battling depression'

By On October 09, 2017

Woman killed herself on holiday with boyfriend 'after battling depression'

A young pharmacist killed herself while on holiday with her boyfriend after battling with depression, an inquest has heard.

Victoria Smith was discovered by her boyfriend Matt Arkwright, 31, after she had hanged herself on a stone jetty in Tenerife during a romantic holiday the couple took.

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Victoria, 25, reportedly said she had the ‘world on her shoulders’ after having to sell her horse in order to buy a house with Mr Arkwright.

However Arkwright said Victoria quickly became excited about renovating their new property.

At the inquest in Preston, coroner James Newman recorded a conclusion of suicide.

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He also told the inquest: ‘Mental illness is one of the greatest demons of our time and it is tragic that Victoria had periods of lows but she was being medicated and it seemed to be working.

‘It is such a waste of a very young and promising life.’

Victoria was described as a ‘bright and bubbly’ young woman who had been put on anti-depressions to combat the ‘ups and downs’ she had been struggling with with over the past three years.

Mr Arkwright also told the hearing how hard it was for Vicky to sell her horse, saying it was a ‘sad experience for her’.

On the day she died, Mr Arkwright said she was ‘very quiet, and she said she just wanted to sit by the pool and read’.

He added: ‘I asked her if she wanted to go for dinner and she said no but that I could go without her.

‘I waited for her but it got to the stage where we had to sort things for when we were leaving, so I left at about 6.30pm and she said she was right behind me. It was the last I saw of her.’

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